Your opinion really matters to me and to my other fans, so I’d really appreciate it if you’d take a few moments to review your experience and let me know.

I sure hope you had a good one, but if you had an unpleasant experience, I’d like to know that too.

I’m just a country boy who I know makes mistakes too, but I sure could use some encouragement, or some suggestions to improve my performances so ya’ll can be pleased.

Thank you kindly.

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  1. We saw Eldon for the first time performing at Club Fortune Casino. What a voice! This guy is so good, he should be one of the Top Country Entertainers. We will for sure follow this guy.

  2. Sit back and enjoy the mellow voice of Eldon Hunt. He reminds me of singers like George Strait with an easy style and nice vocal range. One really feels entertained after a performance by Mr. Hunt!

  3. Eldon is one of the best country singers around. His easy style and flexible voice adapt themselves to many different types of country songs. He is very down-to-earth and friendly with his fans, jokes with his audience, mentions our names when he plays our requests, and sings nonstop for two hours before taking a break. The casino in Henderson (las Vegas), NV, is packed on Friday nights, and they are totally fun Fridays. Even Saturdays draw a crowd. Eldon is well worth hearing and, in my opinion, sings many of his fans’ requests better than the individual doing the original recording. Country Music is not a genre I would choose to listen to, but if Eldon does it, I’m listening.

  4. Eldon has been a musician, songwriter, entertainer since his teens. He is the best one man band I have ever heard but blends well with other musicians.
    He will entertain for at least 4 hours with usually only one very short break. He is dedicated, punctual and sometimes even continues to play past his paid time.
    He interacts with his audience, remembers names and events of fans even though he plays in venues in up to 4 states.
    He is admired by everyone for his professional and personable personality.
    He loves to please his fans by learning songs requested if they are not already in his large catalogs of material. Many that are originals.
    He plays a wide variety of good country music and his music does not overpower his great voice. Don’t miss an opportunity to see Eldon Hunt.

  5. Can’t say enough about this Cowboy. He has one heck of a mighty fine voice!

  6. Eldon Hunt is more than just a singer, he is an entertainer. He is a very polite gentleman as well as kind and considerate to all of his fans. If I wanted to hire an outstanding entertainer, this guy would be the one hands down….

  7. Eldon Hunt is the best country entertainer in Vegas! His voice is fabulous; he takes requests from the dance floor and has a phenomanal ability to sing a wide variety of songs. If he doesn’t know your song, he will learn it. Eldon keeps the dancers on the floor, and once in awhile he will dance with the ladies too!
    During his single break of the evening, Eldon visits with the crowd, casual conversation with the regulars and a welcome to new comers. He always thanks everyone for coming to see him, shows appreciation to dancers and listeners alike.
    Eldon is truly an entertainer. A mighty fine entertainer. And did I mention he’s cute?

  8. Eldon is a terrific entertainer and his voice is wonderful! I really enjoy how he interacts with his fans and it amazes me that he remembers names of the people, and learns so many requested songs that were long before his time. Eldon Hunt is definetly a guy to have entertain in your establishment.

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